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 [ACCEPTED] Balance druid app.

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Balance druid app.   Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:37 am

- Name
My name is Rickard (in english Richard).

- Age
17 years old as of this april.

- Country
I live in Sweden more specificly in the Stockholm region.

- When I'm online
Since its summer break atm and work is over you'll see me online practicly all day everyday with few exceptions, ofc when school starts that will be a different story but it wont intefere with raiding.

- What can distract me from gaming?
Not much really since I'm currently not in a relationship and I do NOT do sports and I have a good mutual agreement and understanding with my parents.

- My charactaristics are:
I'm quite talkative and ountgoing when I get comfortable which can be both a good and a bad thing, a very quick learner not only in school but in wow as learning new encounters adapting to class changes ect... and I take great pride in what I do. Also a very compedetive person who always strive to be the best I can.

- Raiding experience.
Started playing the game in tbc in early 08 or late 07 and have been raiding since the start of Wotlk with the only exception being my almost 1year break mid cata where I missed the entire firelands tier. (all of the exp belove is when it was current content)
WotLK: Cleared Naxx if you combine the 10 and 25man progress. Ulduar: Up till Mimiron and did only 10man. ToTC: Full clear both 10 and 25 with 3 bosses on hc.
ICC: Up till LK on both 10 and 25 (never killed him when it was current:( and like 4 hc bosses.
Cata: T11 12/12normal with 4 or 5hc (all pre nerf early kills). Firelands: as said above did sadly not raid this tier. DS: 8/8hc pre mop patch but with some heavy nerfs... did get 6 or 7hc tanking on my war aswell.
MoP: T14 everything except Sha of Fear cutting edge (would have killed him if 5.2 would have been one or two weeks later since we got some nice sub 15% try's pre 5.2)
ToT: Lei Shen and Ra-den cutting edge. (Dark Animus was our best kill but roster problems severly damaged further progress)
SoO: 10Man Garrosh cutting edge since Februari and 25man (OR pug) a couple weeks ago.
:// (removed http) . A wowprogress link to my hunter pre move to CoA horde.

- Guilds:
In Wotlk: it was a couple of casual raiding guilds mainly on Darkspear alliance though the entire expansion (so long ago I dont really remember names of them and so on but they were all good fun)
Cata: Joined the Nr #2 25man guild on Darkspear ally in early cata but I dident like the atmosphere in the guild and left after just 2-3months or raiding and went on a break till prenerf DS. When I came back from the break I moved to Darkspear horde and joined some casual raiding guild and it was all fun and games untill the guild disbanded midway through the tier, so I went back to ally and joined a pretty casual hc raiding guild and helped them clear DS hc and almost helped the 2nd team do the same, sadly when the GM came back from being on a long break, not long after we killed Deathwing hc he came back and took my spot since he was also hunter I dident get invited to anymore main raids.
MoP: after playing with a friends guild in the first months or MoP (not really doing any raiding at all) I managed to get into a guild called Immortality on some for me random server called terokkar and I raided with them from early last year (think I joined them februari 2013) untill we stopped raiding a month after Garrosh kill (mid-late march this year) and it was the most fun I've had pretty much ever when I played with them all day everyday:) we stopped raiding because ppl (including me) lost interest in the game at that time, mainly because of Mythic raiding and we felt it would be almost impossible to recruit, the problem with recruiting was the we are still the only guild to have killed garrosh hc on terokkar... or merge with a guild of equal skill ambition so on... wowprogress link to Immortality terokkar: :// (removed http)

- Class knowledge:
Just as I've been doing since on my main since Cata I'm simply reading up on forums, say mmo-champion and doing painstaking dummy and raid testing/practicing not just to have the rotation down to 100% but also to test new things... should maybe start using simcraft and logs more frequent but meh, I prefer doing actual ingame stuff instead.

- Role knowledge:
Been playing a ranged Dps for over 200days worth of playing time and atleast 50 of those days are just raiding so I'm well avare of my role.

- I prepare for raids:
I make sure to always know the tactics and mechanics for a new boss (havent watched a fatboss video since T14 for the simple reason they werent out when we started doing bosses) I always make sure to have whatever I may need for the raid say flasks potions food repaired gear drums of speed (for garrosh progress since we dident have a druid) or whatever it may be. I always make sure to have a cup of coffe:)

- Character:
:// (removed http) . I have never healed in a raid and do not have a resto gear but if you want me to heal I could make an effort for it. and I'm very aware of the lacking legendary's but bad luck and the fact we dident really do any alt raids and also the fact my war was my main alt till like a month into SoO and the fact I've been on a break since march and before that the main focus was always on making sure my hunter was as good as posible...
also got :// (removed http) . but I'm not applying here to mainly raid with him he is just a backup if my druid would prove to be too bad for said encounter. (talked with Lizz about this ingame earlier) say belt on seigecrafter.

- Goals:
My goal is to really have fun raiding untill WoD where I will hopefully if everything go to plan raid with another guild on my hunter (west 300 atm swedish guild) so the goal is really to have fun and helpout getting you guys the best possible progression while still being able to play on another char for a while. would be fun to do progression again since its not a better feeling then killing a new boss:) my goal with raiding has always been to kill as many bosses as possible but still having a great time, I do belive that my extensive skillset commitment to any new project and good experience guild help almost any guild out there esp those that aint done with progression.

- Extras:
Battle tag is Kaldo#2741 if you guys have any questions or want to have a conversation.
I also want to make it very clear as it looks like now I will not be raiding with my druid as my main and not likely in this guild unless I enjoy it alot ofcourse!!Smile but since Mythic requires you to drop ppl from 25man it shouldent be a problem but with that said I dont want to be a permanent benchwarmer.
Have only used Vent and Ts3 in my time raiding but can download any voice chat... I do have a headset with a good mic.
If you want I could get some logs and a screenshot of my UI...

PS sorry for the wall of text but editing is not my thing and also sorry for the crappy english buts its not my maiden langue:(
Hope you like it Cool Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Balance druid app.   Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:23 am

Thanks for the application, we'll get back to you shortly!

Lizz' special steps: Step one: "she's Queen Lizz". Step two: "pancakes are awesome". Step three: "include more pancakes".
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Balance druid app.   Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:28 am

Very impressive application, maybe a tad too much for a guild application. Yet a good one! Welcome to the guild Wink

Lizz' special steps: Step one: "she's Queen Lizz". Step two: "pancakes are awesome". Step three: "include more pancakes".
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PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Balance druid app.   

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[ACCEPTED] Balance druid app.
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