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 [OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app*

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[OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app* Empty
PostSubject: [OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app*   [OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app* Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 7:34 am

1) Personal information:

Name: Erik Axelsson
Age and Gender: 21 Male
From: Sweden

2) Applying on this toon :

Im starting to enjoy my Alt paladin alot currently and wanted to get some raiding done on it,
and thought id try out applying.

3) Experience:  Like a Star @ heaven 14/14 hc  Like a Star @ heaven  and clearing sige of ogrimar every sunday in 2h 20min on average.
well aware phase will be slower but i have no problems with progressing once again.

On my main Duzbur who i raid in Project apocalypse (world rank 13 atm) --->
I have good logs - around 97th percentile atm of destro lock, and best rank i have achived is 88world before item upgrades came.

this i think shoud suffice in proving i am no slacker by any means.

4) How do i play as a paladin then?

Well paladin is verry simple for me, the rotation is obvious and reacting to trinketprocs / snappshotting execution sentance
propperly is a breeze coming from a warlock background. Only thing thats a problem currently is im lacking 4 pice for ret*.
4-pice is massive and should inc my dps by around 19-27% according to simcraft, not super-accurate because its an Rppm proc.

5) Availablilty

Since my main guild is Project, i will never miss out on any kind of raid , that would result in compromizing my raiding spot.
Sunday is mainraid in PA so i can not raid then, but all other days are fine (except if there is beta raid-testing with Project)
Beta raidtesting is not scedueld as of yet so i cant tell for shure when i will be doing those. But would ofc tell as soon as i know
if i cant make a raid on live*

If you want a look at my Ui- or simular things whisper B-tag Waipa#2366
or you can check out my stream :
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[OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app* Empty
PostSubject: Re: [OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app*   [OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app* Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 9:39 am

Thanks for your appli, we'll get back to you shortly!

Lizz' special steps: Step one: "she's Queen Lizz". Step two: "pancakes are awesome". Step three: "include more pancakes".
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[OPEN] Waipa Ret paladin app*
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