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 Holy-Retri Paladin

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PostSubject: Holy-Retri Paladin   Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:18 am

Personal aspects and environment:
- Name (what do you prefer to be called)--My nick name is Killerpriest or you can all me with my Real name Spyros Tsolakidis

- Age -27

- Personal schedule (when are you online)- I am online mostly every day from 15:00 till 00:00

- What can distract you from gaming? (E.g. Mom, boyfriend, dog eating homework, school, sports)--The thing that can distrack me is mostly work. fro times to times i must leave and go to wok while in noon hours and mostly in early times after 01:00

- Characteristics (Both positive and negative)--My height is 1.75 cm's -- my weight is 117 kilograms.--I have a funny attittude bad a scary some times face Smile

Raid aspects:
- Experience

My wow expiriance is since the begining the game came onlin 2004-2014.
10 Years of wow play know almost all the classes wow have/provide Smile

Now for my raids expiriance. Eveyrthing i iwll write now have done it on main.

AQ20-Naxxramas the first 8 bosses-Molten Core-UBRS--- Vanilla
Karazhan-Black Temple-Serpent Sea Carvens-Mount Hyjal- TK--- and Sunwell PLatuew exept the 2 last bosses-----TBC
ICC-Ulduar exept the 3 last bosses-ToC--OS (3D)---Naxxramas--Ruby Sanctum---WoTLK
Dragon Soul--Firelands-Bastion of Twilight exept the last boss--Blackwing Descent exept the last boss---Baradin Hold---(no Throne of the Four Wings at all)----Cataclysm
Exept everything in LFR and Flex i have Terrace HC clear---ToT some normals--SoO fully clear with Curve--and some Mythic kills--Protectors--Norushen--Sha--Galakras----MoP

- Guilds

Well there are lot of reaosn in most of the cases but i i will write the things that i saw as bad issues and i act with guild leaving.

1)Used to be in Mea Culpa but i left becuse there was in some ppl (including me) region discriminations that was the reaosn for my leaving.

2)Used to be in Disorder but i left becuse in the first days of SoO when it came was almost disband and a big % was offf. This is why i left.

3)Used be in Diabolical but i left becuse in the first 1 month i was there 3 of the 5 officers remove all the guild bank and left// so the guild was disban. This is why i left

4)Used to be in Mad Maxximum but i left becuse of two things......1) There was loot discrimination and not being given to ppl who actually wanted but ws given to the higher ranks plus the oldest joinable players and.......2) Was always a big fight even for flex groop spot no matter the spec/role......This is why i left..

5)Used to be in DarkNation but i left becuse there was no interest of ppl to do evnets.... there was always evnets in calendar with lot of sign ups but when the even day and hour came no one was ever there from the ppl who sign up.... this happen a lot of times..... and was really iritating for lot of people. This is why i left.

6) At the moment i am in CBK=Cold Blooded Killers.......The reason i want to leave (if i got accepted ofc) is becuse there was some loot discrimination to spesific people....and also some times on the raid days and times the raid leader apeared these days and was writing you knows mates the raid is cancelled beucse i have issues etc...(is ok if you have real life issues and you log out i will understand it....lot of people will understand it also)......but log inside in the raid day and time.... cancel the raid becuse of imagine issue and then after some minutes you log out and log in on other server to play... Hmmmmm........Also this was really iritatting and frustating to lof of people when was alsmot everyon plus some more people online waitng for the raid groop-raid spot to apear..... This is my reaosn for this guild that i will leave (if got accpeted from you ofc).

My last guild was Cliche and i got kicked beucse when i defend my self for a region issue that occured isnide the guild Chat i got kicked and banned from mumble.

- Class knowledge
I play my paladin since the end of Wotlk almost 3 years

- Role knowledge
Holy paladin-Retri paladin (have tank expiriance also but no gear since i used to tank on Cata and not on MoP)

- How do you prepare for raids
I prepare my self inside the game with 10 of each flasks (exept agility flasks) with 20 feasts (this preparations inside the game
Outside of the game i prepare my self with a bottle of water and 2 or 3 glasses of Tsipouro a Greek drink alcohol with 72 % of alcohol Smile

Character aspects:

- Class--Blood Elf Paladin
- Specc--Holy and Retri
- Ilvl--549 Holy--537 Retri and 558 general
- Goals--To achive as much as posible things in the NEW contents and raid as much as posible Smile

- Off-topic, impress us with something nice.
I make my own cheese and sauces to seduce the womens Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Holy-Retri Paladin   Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:10 am

Ty for the app, officers will take a look and give you notice the next couple of days Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Holy-Retri Paladin   Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:08 am

Markko, check the date... Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Holy-Retri Paladin   

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Holy-Retri Paladin
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