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 [Accepted] Hunter / Priest

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Hunter / Priest   Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:44 am

Personal aspects and environment:

- Name > My irl Name is Nina Sook Hee Grahovac but most ppl call me Kage ( which means "Shadow" )
- Age > Old .....soon 28Y T.T
- Personal schedule > Can be online all times from 12:00 am - 01:00 pm ( CET )
- What can distract you from gaming? > My son crashing the whole apartment and painting on the walls.  
- Characteristics > Positive  = Im calm, extremely patient  , friendly and have a wide knowledge about many things.
                      > Negative = Ehum....can be very morning grumpy before I get my morning coffee, to calm, to patient and to nice.. and..
                                        I HATE spiders

Raid aspects:
- Experience > Im an old vanilla raider with harcdore raiding exp from vanilla beg of WoLK

ALL this progress was made during the level base it was released on. ( cant fit everything )
Cata - BwD > 6/6 nm , BoT > 4/4 nm , To4W > 3/3 nm , FL 7/7 nm - 6/7hc, DS>6/8nm - 2/8hc
MoP - MV > 6/6nm - 4/6hc , HoF > 2/6nm , TeS > N/A , SoO - 14/14 nm - 8/14HC ( before mytic and the nerf )

If any questions ...just /w me ingame

- Guilds > oh my ..... MUTATED, Progress, Crimson Fellas Utd  ( frostmain ) , .... ( Gonna skip some or I will MAX out the post...) ...Archon ( Chamber of the Aspects ) ,
             Ashes to Ashes ( Draenor )  

- Class knowledge > Im always updated on what changes and hotfixes it will be and Im always selecting the strongest spec for my performance. If more into is needed...whisper me and I will tell you everything.

- Role knowledge > As DPS....dont stand in fire, accept if the healers allow you to.

- How do you prepare for raids > IRL > HUGE cup of coffee, prepare my kid with snacks if he is home, eat like a pig and Im ready.
                                         > ING > Robbing AH on food, flasks and pots, If on hunter...checking if I need to take a specific pet for the encounter.  

Character aspects:
- Class > Hunter
- Specc > MM/BM
- Ilvl > 636 atm
- Goals > Defeat every encounter in this expansion Blizzard throw at me and beat my husband in DPS....

Character aspects:
- Class > Priest
- Specc > Holy / Shadow
- Ilvl > 636 atm
- Goals > Defeat every encounter in this expansion Blizzard throw at me.  

- Off-topic > oh god.....


Im a 28y old women/girl who is married to a guy who also applied to this guild. ( Samoubica )
We meet over WoW and we got married later ^^ ( true story ), we have now a son on 2.5y who love to play WoW with his mother and father....( preferable wwmonk or arc mage )

Am a chef/cook ( which made my husband gain some kilos over the years ) , an artist ( digital, oil, charcoal and pencils ) , a web designer plus alot more.
Like funny jokes, even some twisted because Im married to a guy who can tell some insane jokes. : )))))

I can write TONS more but...poor that one who needs to read it xD

/w me ingame if you want to know it ALL xD
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Hunter / Priest   Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:46 am

Well as your husband did, you got my vote!
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[Accepted] Hunter / Priest
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