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 MM/surv Hunter [Accepted]

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PostSubject: MM/surv Hunter [Accepted]   Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:19 am

- Name : Nikolaj (Splash/Splashie)
- Age 33
- Personal schedule (when are you online) Afternoons and evenings
- What can distract you from gaming? My kid(soon to be 2 kids)
- Characteristics (Both positive and negative) Helpfull, diciplined, not patient with undiciplined ppl around me.

Raid aspects:
- Experience : Been playing since end of vanilla. 6/7 normal but know tacts
- Guilds :
- Class knowledge : Been playing hunter on and off thru 3 expansions, i know my class pretty well
- Role knowledge : Dont stand in shit unless you have to.
- How do you prepare for raids : Flasks food preepots ofc

Character aspects:
- Class Hunter
- Specc MM/surv (switching spec depending on the fight)
- Ilvl 652
- Goals More controlled raiding with ppl more skilled than thoose ive been raiding with currently.

- Need "fresh air" new ppl to have fun with. Im applying with my two brothers : Naxiouz and Theflixmonk
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MM/surv Hunter [Accepted]
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