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 Theflixmonk - Monk (duh) dps [Accepted]

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Theflixmonk - Monk (duh) dps [Accepted] Empty
PostSubject: Theflixmonk - Monk (duh) dps [Accepted]   Theflixmonk - Monk (duh) dps [Accepted] Icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2015 11:20 am

Personal aspects and environment:
- Name - Name is Andreas but i prefer being called Flix.
- Age - 31
- Personal schedule - Monday to friday im usually free to do whatever, sadly unemployed atm.
- What can distract you from gaming? - When my GF takes off her top.. Razz But usually i dont get disrupted when raiding.
- Characteristics - Mr Funny man (depending on your humour ofc) mostly patient with ppl and also trying to improve myself and the ppl around me.
Bad would be, not enough patience with ppl who keeps failing.. By all means everyone can have a bad day, but at some point it can get too much.

Raid aspects:
- Experience - Have been raiding since TBC from Karazhan and are currently at 6/7 NM and 1/7 HC in our current guild.
- Guilds - Atm im in Absit Invidia on Alliance side - Social raiding guild with a bit too much slacking in raids.
- Class knowledge - I like to think i know my class fully, but im always prepared to recieve constructive criticism.
- Role knowledge - I play my part.. If i need to do something extra, i have no problem with that.
- How do you prepare for raids - Making sure im fully enchanted/gemmed and have flasks and pre-pots.. And ofc showing up on time.

Character aspects:
- Class - Monk
- Specc - Windwalker
- Ilvl - 650
- Goals - To be raiding with a bit more structure, and hopefully achiveing more.

- I can hold my breath for at least 25 secs!!!!
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Theflixmonk - Monk (duh) dps [Accepted]
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